5 Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Here at Together Forever Bridal Boutique we love hearing about wedding plans from our brides! We know that weddings take a lot of thought and that navigating through the planning stage can be a minefield! Here are a few tips to help you avoid some of those classic errors…

Flower Choices

In these days of climate change and extreme weather, it’s difficult to absolutely guarantee which blooms will be in your price range and available on your chosen wedding date. If you have your heart set on one particular flower you could be disappointed. Instead, choose a range of blooms for your wedding flowers, and think about the colours, shapes and styles instead of having your heart set on specific flowers.

Save The Date Cards

You’re engaged, and you want to tell the world! You’ve ordered your ‘Save the Date’ cards and you’re ready to send them out… You may be well advised to simply tell your closest friends and family, and make sure they have the date in their diaries. Then send out lots of cards closer to when your guest list is finalised! This is especially important for acquaintances who may not be around 12-18 months after you’ve notified them of the actual wedding date!

Micromanaging Suppliers

You’re booking talented professionals who are more than capable of understanding your dreams and putting them into practise. Communicate clearly with them, share your vision but remember that they are the professionals and it’s important to let them do their jobs. They have a wealth of experience and will be there to advise and guide you, they’ll help you every step of the way as long as you listen to them and show you value their expertise.

Sharing your Wedding Plans

You’re excited and full of enthusiasm, but the more information you share, the more people will voice their opinions. This can cause self-doubt and worry, and can ultimately cause you to move away from the wedding you’ve dreamed of. Confide in a very small, tightknit group of friends and/or family and (as we’ve said above!) – trust your suppliers.

Timeline Inaccuracies

We could write a whole post on your wedding day timeline, it really is one of the most difficult things to get right! The most common mistakes are either rushing through the photographs or leaving too much time – so your guests are left hanging around for too long! Speak to your photographer, decide on the number of group shots you REALLY want and work out how long these will take! The average is 5-7 minutes per group shot, which can mean 10 group shots is at least an hour of your time taken up! If these shots, and couple shots, are important to you then you’ll need to speak to your venue and organise your timeline accordingly!

We wish you lots of luck with your wedding day plans, and look forward to hearing all about them soon!