Aisle Style Guide by Together Forever Bridal Boutique

You’ve popped into our Bridal Boutique in Crayford, you’ve chosen your wedding dress and you can’t wait to walk up the aisle! Today we look at how you can give the aisle some style on your wedding day – whether you’re getting married in a church, country house venue, city chic hotel or on the beach!

The décor for the aisle at your wedding ceremony is often something overlooked as brides focus most of their time and attention on creating the perfect wedding reception. This is a bit of a shame really considering it’s the ceremony that counts – yes, the actual getting married part!

So here are a few of our ideas aimed at adding that romantic touch to your ceremony and reminding you and your guests what the day is all about. The great thing about styling your aisle is that many of these ideas can easily be transferred to your reception venue afterwards so you get double the enjoyment for your money.

Just make sure you pick a trusted member of the wedding party (or your wedding planner/stylist) to move it all to the prearranged locations at your reception after the ceremony is over.

Church Ceremonies

The pew ends are perfect locations for a touch of floral prettiness and, if allowed, you can even add some lighting in the form of hurricane lamps, tea-lights and votives. A sprinkle of real petals is always a lovely touch, and don’t worry too much about them being walked on as this will bring out the scent even more – especially rose petals or lavender.

Outdoor Ceremonies

Small trees or herbs lining an aisle always look wonderful, but really anything goes – vintage crates, old suitcases, jam jars and tree stumps can be used, as well as the more traditional floral displays. Shepherd’s crooks are a great way of adding some extra height and drama too.

Indoor Ceremonies

If lots of flowers aren’t your thing then consider paper décor like pompoms, pin wheels, pictures of loved ones, wicker hearts, colourful ribbons – whatever fits with the colour scheme and rest of the styling of your day.

We hope this has blog post has given you a few ideas, and a little reminder to think about this part of the day – it may be short but it’s certainly going to be one of the most memorable hours for you.

Lots more aisle décor ideas are on our new Pinterest board too!