A Guide to Choosing your Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing a wedding venue can be one of the trickiest and most important decisions you will make, and it certainly hasn’t got any easier in recent years! As the number of wedding venues has risen hugely in the last ten years, couples now need to have a clear idea what to expect before they go ahead and select their space.

Here’s our guide to help you choose the perfect venue for your special day…

Venue Size versus Guest List

Whether you are having an intimate wedding or a very large and grand affair, one of the first questions the venue will ask is how many guests you’ll be hosting. Having an approximate idea of your wedding guest list size will allow you to efficiently short-list venues suitable and experienced at hosting your style of wedding.

Seasonal Inspiration

Once you have an idea of the time of year and time of day you want to get married, visit your venue. Ideally the visit should be as close to your chosen season as possible (hence so many couples booking venues a year in advance!) Alternatively, ask your venue for photos of weddings taken at the same time of year as yours. This will help you get a clear idea of how it will look on your special day.

Styling and Ambience

It isn’t easy to plan a style-specific wedding at all venues. Ask yourselves what style of wedding you want, as this will help you choose the venues you might want to visit. For example, If a modern minimalist and rather intimate wedding is what you have in mind then you might want stay clear of a country mansion location!

If you’re looking for a venue with a touch of grandeur, beautiful ballrooms, stunning chandeliers and stately oak beamed libraries… think country mansions and top-rated hotels…

Organisation and Support

Many venues have a hugely experienced in house team who will guide you through every stage of the wedding planning process… Ask what you can expect to receive, who you will liaise with and who will be there on the day – this way you will get a real feel for how the venue staff will ‘run’ the day, from organising schedules and your suppliers to greeting guests and dealing with any ‘hitches’ as they occur!


Don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions. Question your suppliers too! If they have previously worked at your venue they may have some great ideas and insights into how your day can flow as smoothly as possible!

We look forward to hearing your wedding day plans for your chosen venue on your next visit to us!