Wedding Cakes – Iced or Naked?

At Together Forever Bridal Boutique we love chatting to our brides about their wedding plans. Today we thought we’d look at the two main options when choosing a wedding cake. There are so many styles to choose from, so how do you go about choosing one which is right for you and your wedding day?

The two main types of wedding cake we see are the traditional iced wedding cakes – whether a sponge or fruit-based filling – or a naked wedding cake where there is no icing surrounding the cake. These cakes have layers of sponge dressed with flowers, fruits and cream and jam fillings inside.

So, what are the features (and benefits) of each type of cake?

5 Benefits of Iced Wedding Cakes

  1. This is a traditional wedding cake finish with fruit or sponge cake inside.
  2. Individual cakes can be stacked and stored after the wedding and kept as Christening cakes for a future special date…
  3. They are usually very well-structured cakes in stable tiers – typically 2-3 tiers but can be much higher with the right support!
  4. They provide the opportunity to use a wide variety of finishes and decorations – piping, iced or painted.
  5. They can easily be combined with a tower or layer of cupcakes.

5 benefits of Naked Wedding Cakes

  1. They provide a contemporary look – especially at rustic marquee and barn weddings.
  2. They are beautiful to look at with the layers of sponge, jam, buttercream, etc. being visible. (Beware though, they are a lot more unstable than a traditional iced cake!)
  3. They are often considered a healthier option with much less sugar than traditional iced cakes.
  4. They look stunning with seasonal fresh fruit and flowers.
  5. They give a greater focus on texture, colours and flavours of the actual cake.

Which type of cake do you favour? We’d love to hear what you think!