Wedding Fair Guide by Together Forever Bridal Boutique

Whether you’re newly engaged, or you’ve been planning for a while, wedding fairs give you the opportunity to meet with those suppliers who can help you create the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of! Here at Together Forever Brides we enjoy meeting brides at wedding fairs and talking to them about their special day. We have some ideas for organising some rather different wedding events ourselves soon, but more on that in the coming weeks!

Wedding fairs in their current format can be quite overwhelming, so we have put together a list of tips to help our brides…

Dress for comfort! 

The number one tip we can offer brides is to wear your most comfy pair of shoes! It can be a long day on your feet walking around visiting all the suppliers. Also, take time to grab refreshments and recharge your batteries.

Take a Bag! 

You’re going to be given lots of flyers and brochures from suppliers and need an easy and comfortable way to carry them.

Bring a Friend! 

You need someone to chat to or maybe even to save you from making an impulsive decision you may regret later! If your parents are contributing to the wedding or if you are close, bring your Mum. Your Maid of Honour and Bridesmaids are people you trust and who’s opinion you value so they are an obvious choice.  Don’t forget to ask your Groom, he often gets overlooked in the wedding planning! Try not to bring too many people though, you may end up more confused than you ever imagined!

Identify Key Suppliers.

Before attending the wedding fair, get a list of all suppliers and identify any in particular you want to meet. If you have a floor plan, that’s even better as you can plan your route and day more efficiently.

Bring a Diary or Organiser.

Be conscious that at these shows exhibitors may not be able to give you a full consultation but if you’re getting good vibes from a business, schedule a consultation for a later date. Bringing a diary or organiser is also handy for holding business cards, leaflets and all your prior research. Don’t feel pressured to commit or make a booking, but do follow suppliers on social media and get to see more of their work if you are interested.

Provide Contact Details

Whilst at a wedding fair you will meet lots of suppliers who will ask for your name and details to contact you after the event. Instead of rewriting your details and waiting for someone to pass the pen, create address labels or provide business style cards with your contact details on them. When asked for your details, all you have to do is peel off a label and stick it on, or hand over a card.

Come and see Together Forever Brides at Swallows Oast on Sunday 22nd April. You can also message us for information on other fairs we will be attending.